Monday, March 24, 2014

Pet Store Nerves

Another trip to the pet store... "somehow" her collar got torn or chewed so we were off to get a new one... She had a tough trip.. it was a busy Saturday and lots of activity and she was hesitant and nervous.. She really didn't like the changes in the floor that she encountered and had a tough time...So we parked it in the toy aisle and just played while Cassie visited the kitties....
 Then she got a ride from Cassie through the rest of the store, where she felt a little safer and we quickly got her a new collar... It's amazing how far she has come, but she's still nervous out and about and easily overwhelmed... We'll keep trying but smaller baby steps for her...
 At home in her snuggle bed.. her favorite stop in the whole world... The slippers mysteriously appeared in her bed... I say she's a bit of shoe/sock thief.. They do seem  find their way into her bed!

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