Saturday, March 22, 2014

Bully Stick Time!

Sylvia continues on her path of learning to live in a house and trust us... a bully stick goes a long way!

She now is getting her own water at the water bowl whenever she feels, she will go outside whenever she needs to and while there is still a blanket on the floor for her, it's becoming less of a need.    She still have the button ears but they are getting higher and higher. 

Everytime she does something brave, Cassie and I just go still and whisper excitedly to each other, trying to not let her know it's a big deal and distract her.. just like a kid taking her first step... It has been exciting to watch her....

This week, she  jumped up on my lap once for snuggles as I was sitting in the easy char... Big move for her!  I say she more than earned her bully stick!

My favorite picks is her trying to hide her bully stick chewing from the camera... She wanted to keep an eye on me, but I think was done with the picture taking! How freakin' cute is she?   She still spends most of her time in the snuggle bed when in the house, but who can blame her?  It's all warm and cosy!

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