Monday, June 8, 2015

Updates (a lot!!!)

So many updates!  I've been hanging onto a few while I've been busy with Mulder and Skinner but it's good to hear from my former foster dogs people and see how well they are doing!  Does us good!

Great picture of Skinner with his brother Buster taking a nap... His new people report that he is doing well and they love him so much.. I love the video of him and how they are getting him to play! Buster looks like he is ready to play with Skinner too!

Selma who now goes by Pippa is doing well in her new home.  She is going on lots of walks and hiking trails which she just loves.  She got to wear a super dog outfit that I think she is adorable in!  She is going to get to visit me in a coupe of weeks while her parents go on a planned vacation they had scheduled prior to adoption.

Scully , now Lola has a tough life... 5 mile runs, supervising the gardening, swimming - wow! good for her! and a road trip in her Dad's convertible... It's so good to see and hear how well she is doing and how loved.. She deserves it!

Sadie now Seraphina, aka Phina is also doing super... She is enjoying the local dog park and just loves to meet and greet new people! Here she is with her new mom Joy!

Skye, now Millie was one of the puppies from 2 years ago... Her mom sent me a picture of her on her 2nd birthday - awww - all grown up! She is thriving in her home and enjoying her new life... Couldn't be happier for her!
Millie/Skye on the right... and her baby pic!

And here is her brother, Sawyer.  He has his furbrother Ollie and a new little human sibling Lincoln... Ollie and Sawyer are best buds and they love this new little furless sibling too! 

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