Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Settling In

Oh Sienna is a pretty girl...   She is a fan of the toys and likes play tug as much as possible.  She'll play a little fetch but quickly takes it to a "safe" stop where she can gnaw on it and work on the squeakers.  We will be putting away the gentler toys and getting out the toughie toys for her... otherwise I'll spend most of my time picking up fuzz! 

She's eating well and is doing well with a house training schedule.   She's sticking close by and has a favorite place on the couch already that she has designated as "her spot", though she is quite the fan of Cassie and follows her whenever she is around and is always so happy to see her :)  She also loves to sit in your lap as much as possible and just jumps up and makes herself comfortable. 

She's off to the vet tomorrow for a quick check of her ears - one seems to be bothering her and we want to make sure it's okay and no infection is happening.. She'll also get a check up and micro chipped.  I'm sure she'll be her sweet self at the vet.  

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  1. Ooooh, Sienna is a cutie pie!!!!!!!!