Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Last Visit to the Vet!

Mulder got his stitches out today!  Nervous at the vet, not that I blame him... all he had done was get his stitches out and then get some lovin' from the vet tech.  He wouldn't take a treat from her or me, but he did like the cuddles he got and he got to walk right out the door.  We went straight back to the house and he was happy and got to run around in the front yard and just enjoy himself.  Now, no more crate rest and we get to let his activity come up to his normal level.. He still has a bit of healing to do but should be completely recovered in the next two weeks.  :)

Happy Mulder!!! <---video

 He says, No Pictures Please!

Nothing like a good rub on the grass!

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