Friday, June 26, 2015

I'm a Little Sunflower...

So I found this sunflower outfit for 4 bucks on Amazon and just knew all the dogs wanted to wear it... Oh my god, they were so cute... Sasha is very tolerate of outfits... she's 12 years old and knows the drill... Sienna did not like being a sunflower at all... She didn't want to move (didn't help  that the outfit was a little tight) and was really stick... while Sienna didn't seem to mind it either, she was happy when it was off... I say... Well worth it!  I'm thinking I should take picture of them in my garden in these outfits.. okay...maybe just Sasha :) 

 To make up for the sharing and wearing of the sunflower costume - I gave them all evening bully sticks... They all found a nice spot... and off they went... Amazing enough, Sienna was the last one done with her bully stick.. with how rough she is on toys, I thought she would go through the bully stick fast, but she didn't instead, just relaxing and taking her time... She let me pet her too - she paused but then just went back to her happy chewing place!

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