Sunday, June 7, 2015

I'm Adopted

Well it had to happen... and Mulder's a lucky boy... He's been adopted by a great family that has a previous foster from New Rattitude... So not only is Mulder finally getting the family he deserves, he also had a fur-sibling to play with!  He actually met them previous when we took the trip to Seattle and he had a super good time - he will really enjoy having a buddy to play (and maybe snuggle with someday?)

Maddie and Mulder

They like to go on hikes so busy Mulder (who will be renamed Baxter) and their rat terrier Maddie will get to be good hiking buddies and I know Mulder will have so much fun and be more than up for it!  It's good to because he needs to stay very fit being a tripaw dog, plus he just loves to go exploring.

We are going to miss this little boy who brought such great attitude and energy in our house, we've been honored to be part of an important part of his life and to get him healthy and ready for his wonderful new people that have been ever so patient as he heals up.  He's on his way this coming Saturday and I know he's not going to miss a beat!

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