Sunday, June 14, 2015

Departures and Arrivals

Mulder, now Baxter is home with his people now... We had a nice visit at our dog park and freshly bathed Mulder, rolled around in the dirt and got nice and dusty for them and the trip home.   (I would like to think, taking a little of Yakima and his fond memories with him).  We are really going to miss him and his happy ways but he is is good hands and I know he is going to love his new family and his fur-sibling Maddie!  I saw too, he has a nice donut bed to take comfy naps in too!  

And now Sienna is busy on the Gettin' em Home transport heading up to to the Westside and Angela, Skittles mom will be helping transporting her over to me.  I can't wait to meet her!  I don't know a lot about her.. she's 3 and I hear she's a sweetie... She sure has a cute face!!!  More to come for sure...

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