Thursday, June 18, 2015

Day at the Vet!

Vet time!  She did good and all is good. Her ears are just extra dirty and need some cleaning.  We have ear drops at home and so we will be working on getting all the icky stuff out of them... She doesn't like her ears messed with though for sure... She tried to wiggle away the first time the vet checked them and makes these groaney noises like her world was ending (no yelping though so that's good)... The second time, at the end of the visit, he checked them again and she let him with just a little issue.  She was really sweet at the vet, just a little nervous during exam, unhappy at the ear check and then we were back to tail wags once again...   She weighs a whole 13.09 lbs!

One thing we did spot was she has some VERY worn down front teethies.  The vet said her teeth show normal wear elsewhere and it's just these front teeth.  He asked about her chewing habits, which other than being tough on stuff animals, I haven't seen anything unusual.  I then went to the internet... Seems like this is not as uncommon as I thought... It could be from chewing on the metal cages from the shelter or it could just be that she chews too much on something.. I'll be watching her, but I haven't seen anything close to cause this... What's amazing I found is how she just let Cassie hold her in this position while I took these picture! 

Now her belly.... I love her belly!  and she loves the belly rubs so it's all good... she's pawsy and if you stop before she is ready, she will use her paw to put your hand back... It works of course!  It's a great way to get to know this shy girl cause she is all about the belly rubs. 

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