Sunday, June 21, 2015

A Visitor!

I'm watching Pippa (formally Selma) for the next three weeks.  She was adopted earlier this year and her parents had a 3 week cruise scheduled, so I agreed that I would watch her while they went on their trip.  It's good to see her... she's a little wiggle butt!  I forgotten what a tiny dog she was too! 

We meet at the Maryhill Musuem which has a nice place to meet...though Sienna found some horsepoop that she almost rolled over on...
The meeting of Pippa and Sienna was a little intense and we had some growlies at each other until they got into a walking pattern and did better as they quit focusing on each other and more on the walk... .. Here at home... Sienna is having some issues sharing me, but we are working on that with her...and we got PLAY right away once we got home out of the two of them!!!  Pippa is going to be good for her to hang out with. 

Here is a video of them playing.... Pippa and Sienna play

Sienna (on the right) loves to get her harness on... she even tries to help!  Then she goes to the door and tells you with her eyeballs that you are a slowpoke cause she is ready to go!  

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