Monday, June 29, 2015

Sienna and Pippa

Our little doggie guest Pippa has been good for Sienna I think... She wants to play all the time and it has brought out Sienna's play and her love for the tennis ball... Pippa totally likes to play keep away though, but Sienna has shown she is good sport and waits for her opportunity and she is quick! 

More Play Time video!  Sienna is off tomorrow to start her good life with her new people and dog siblings... It's been such a pleasure watching her come out of her shell and be less timid... I wish her the very best!  and Pippa will sure miss her playmate, but we got plans to keep her busy!

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Another Day at the Dog Park

Another early morning at the dog park... They were all excited to go... This time there were lots of dogs there and while Pippa, nor Sienna engaged them for play, they were not bothered by the bigger dogs... Sienna found a smaller dog that she wanted to chase her..but he didn't want too :(  - So it was just chasing the ball and playing for them...Sienna is great at fetching and had a good time!  Pippa plays too, but doesn't always bring the ball back :)

Tired Sienna needing a rest with her mini tennis ball!

Saturday, June 27, 2015

I'm Adopted!

Happened so fast for lucky Sienna...   but she deserves it!  She has found her home with a couple over in western Washington and 2 dog siblings to boot!  She's had such a rough start to life but those times are over for her forever and it just gets better and better for her!  I'm going to miss her and her little spiky Mohawk that I like to give kisses on top of her head!  She goes home on Tuesday - visitor Pippa will miss her playmate

But meanwhile...

the days have been so hot here, there is not a lot of time to be outside during the afternoon... so Cassie took the pups to the dog park at 6:30 am... It was still 80 degrees out, but it was the coolest it's going to get this week with temperature going up to 109 this week....

The park was mostly empty but they got to run around and play and have a good time...

Friday, June 26, 2015

I'm a Little Sunflower...

So I found this sunflower outfit for 4 bucks on Amazon and just knew all the dogs wanted to wear it... Oh my god, they were so cute... Sasha is very tolerate of outfits... she's 12 years old and knows the drill... Sienna did not like being a sunflower at all... She didn't want to move (didn't help  that the outfit was a little tight) and was really stick... while Sienna didn't seem to mind it either, she was happy when it was off... I say... Well worth it!  I'm thinking I should take picture of them in my garden in these outfits.. okay...maybe just Sasha :) 

 To make up for the sharing and wearing of the sunflower costume - I gave them all evening bully sticks... They all found a nice spot... and off they went... Amazing enough, Sienna was the last one done with her bully stick.. with how rough she is on toys, I thought she would go through the bully stick fast, but she didn't instead, just relaxing and taking her time... She let me pet her too - she paused but then just went back to her happy chewing place!

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Morning Bitey Face!

Pippa and Sienna are slowing becoming buds... Pippa has great dog skills and doesn't take any guff... She is slowly bringing out Sienna's playful side.. Pippa would play with her all day long and Sienna doesn't really want to do that, but she is more than happy to play a few times a day with her.... It's fun to watch them figure out how to be with each other... 

Morning Bitey Face - Video of them playing together... We think Sienna's nickname should be chomper... she can really click her teeth together! 

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Play BALL!

Sienna loves toys... And she loves chasing the tennis ball.. It's a great fun thing for her to do and we use it to teach her fetch (cause sometimes she wants to run away with it ) and learn her name, plus it just burns some energy out...

Her and Pippa had a great time trying to out-chase either other for the ball and were pretty evenly matched...  They had a lot of fun together and a good time :)

Did catch Sienna trying to take the fuzz off the tennis ball.. that can't be good for her teethies, so tennis ball got put away until our next playtime :)

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Making new friends

 Took the pups over to a friends house to meet some new people and dogs.  They both did very well with the dogs and people... Pippa found a playmate in Roxy and got lots of energy out playing chase and "watch and see how fast I can run".   Sienna chose to mostly watch from whatever lap was available until...

 Sienna found a kitty underneath the porch.  We couldn't get her out until the kitty left... She came out dirty and muddy...and of course ready for more lap time :) 
 There was a dead worm or something (i don't want to know) in the yard that ALL the dogs rolled in... My two were so stinky that they went immediately in the bath when we got home - PEWWW... Sienna was great with the bath, Pippa not as much though she did alright... they both were more than ready for a nap afterwords... Sienna found a blanket at my feet to rest and Pippa perched on the top of my chair and napped by my head.. They were wiped! 

Sunday, June 21, 2015

A Visitor!

I'm watching Pippa (formally Selma) for the next three weeks.  She was adopted earlier this year and her parents had a 3 week cruise scheduled, so I agreed that I would watch her while they went on their trip.  It's good to see her... she's a little wiggle butt!  I forgotten what a tiny dog she was too! 

We meet at the Maryhill Musuem which has a nice place to meet...though Sienna found some horsepoop that she almost rolled over on...
The meeting of Pippa and Sienna was a little intense and we had some growlies at each other until they got into a walking pattern and did better as they quit focusing on each other and more on the walk... .. Here at home... Sienna is having some issues sharing me, but we are working on that with her...and we got PLAY right away once we got home out of the two of them!!!  Pippa is going to be good for her to hang out with. 

Here is a video of them playing.... Pippa and Sienna play

Sienna (on the right) loves to get her harness on... she even tries to help!  Then she goes to the door and tells you with her eyeballs that you are a slowpoke cause she is ready to go!  

Friday, June 19, 2015

Coffee Break

Took Sienna for a car trip to Cassie's coffee stand.. She does great in the car and just sat in the passenger seat with her car harness no problem.  But then she heard Cassie who I think is her favorite person these days...Then Cassie gave her a "pup cup" - just a little whipped cream and I think they are BFF's  forever!

 Also wanted to thank New Rattitude for the mouse toy that lasted all of a week with Sienna.  She still loves him though.. I'm also amazed at how much stuffing they get in these little toys... I know, because i picked up pieces of it all week! :)