Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Vacuums Suck!

Like a lot of puppy's that haven't been exposed to numerous things, Simon is scared of new things, especially new things that make noise!  The main two things I have noticed is the blender and the dreaded vacuum cleaner... He doesn't even like the vacuum when it's not on..He runs at it and away barking the whole time... .So I came up with a plan...   The vacuum cleaner has treats on it!  I just left it out and put treats on it and he was brave enough to get the treats.. Just two sessions of treats and he now can live with the vacuum left out.  I'm gonna continue to let him get use to it.. move it, put in away, back out again,  more treats... we'll work up to turning it on...


 Working through his fear and getting positive results, TREATS!

I also find him handing out in front of Cassie's room.. Not because the cat is in there (he could care less) but he found the cat food and he must have thought it was the best thing ever as he checks the dog gate on a regular basis! 

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