Sunday, August 28, 2016


So Simon is already making friends with his new sister Rita... He is keeping his name Simon - but his formal name is Simon S'moresy.. his mom says it's cause his coloring reminds her of a s'more!  Mom reported that while Simon was nervous in his new digs, he wasn't at all nervous with his sister and got right into the playing and exchanging kisses!  yeah for him!  I'm so glad he has a playmate versus my grumpy girls! 
 My last picture of Simon with new foster Summer... catching a snooze before the big event!
 Summer and Skeeter (nice butt shot I know) got to go with us when we dropped Simon off... She did great in the car and great at the dog park (that was empty except for us)...
 Summer is showing herself just to be a mellow girl - she likes to play with you, your hands or a toy, and follow you around... She's also using the doggie door to do her business which is fantastic... She's a little vocal.. not so much a barker but a whiner and howler; usually when someone leaves or for a bit in the crate at bedtime, but she settles quick enough.  It's just her way of talking! I'm gonna try to get it on video as soon as i can!  She is just a snuggly girl :)

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