Saturday, August 13, 2016

Silly Simon

Simon hangs out with me most of the day while I work and loves himself a sun spot for sure...
 But he also loves my foot rest and warmer... And he makes a pretty good footwarmer himself so we have come to an arrangement and he will sleep on my footrest and I get toasty feet by putting them under him and the blanket over him... Works for all!  He doesn't like to be disturbed for picture taking as you can tell!

 We had another trip to the dog park and he played this interesting came of range rover, with this two kids and me... He would run full speed to him; let them pet him and then run back to me... He did this a dozen times at least... The kids were thrilled and it was fun to watch... Later they came over and got to meet him and he let them hold him and gave them kisses... It was pretty cute... Not sure what came over him, but I got a tired puppy at the end of the day and he had fun!

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