Saturday, August 6, 2016

Nap Time!

 He's actually looking at Skeeter that burrowed herself under the covers.. She's busy yelling at him to leave her alone!  He's confused, thinking that maybe it's playtime.   Skeeter is tolerant of him as long as he doesn't try to play with her. They've exchanged mouth licks and ear cleanings... It's really quite cute and I continue to be impressed with Skeeter's fostering skills!

 Simon managed to sneak a nap with Sasha... He wishes that either Sasha or Skeeter would play with him, but they are constantly telling him to bug off! Naps will have to do.  He also likes to sleep under my feet while i'm working (awesome foot warmer) but he couldn't resist a nap in the sunspot. 

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