Friday, August 26, 2016

I'm Adopted!!!

Well, the dog park people and fellow dogs are sure gonna miss this guy, but he's got himself a great home in Portland and a dog-sister to boot!  He's met her and she loves to wrestle with him so they are off to a great start!  Couldn't be happier for this spunky little dude!  I will sure miss his snuggles and kisses but he's in for good things ahead :)  Can't wait to hear all about him as he grows up!  He'll be heading home tomorrow!

And don't forget Summer; she is settling in and while she is still showing herself to be a mellow little thing... she does enjoy an occassional bout of bitey face or tug of war with Simon.... She will also play with us a bit, but really just enjoys snuggling and hang out with you...
 and of course, Sasha decided in the middle of tug of war, she needed some tummy scractches!

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