Sunday, August 28, 2016


So Simon is already making friends with his new sister Rita... He is keeping his name Simon - but his formal name is Simon S'moresy.. his mom says it's cause his coloring reminds her of a s'more!  Mom reported that while Simon was nervous in his new digs, he wasn't at all nervous with his sister and got right into the playing and exchanging kisses!  yeah for him!  I'm so glad he has a playmate versus my grumpy girls! 
 My last picture of Simon with new foster Summer... catching a snooze before the big event!
 Summer and Skeeter (nice butt shot I know) got to go with us when we dropped Simon off... She did great in the car and great at the dog park (that was empty except for us)...
 Summer is showing herself just to be a mellow girl - she likes to play with you, your hands or a toy, and follow you around... She's also using the doggie door to do her business which is fantastic... She's a little vocal.. not so much a barker but a whiner and howler; usually when someone leaves or for a bit in the crate at bedtime, but she settles quick enough.  It's just her way of talking! I'm gonna try to get it on video as soon as i can!  She is just a snuggly girl :)

Friday, August 26, 2016

I'm Adopted!!!

Well, the dog park people and fellow dogs are sure gonna miss this guy, but he's got himself a great home in Portland and a dog-sister to boot!  He's met her and she loves to wrestle with him so they are off to a great start!  Couldn't be happier for this spunky little dude!  I will sure miss his snuggles and kisses but he's in for good things ahead :)  Can't wait to hear all about him as he grows up!  He'll be heading home tomorrow!

And don't forget Summer; she is settling in and while she is still showing herself to be a mellow little thing... she does enjoy an occassional bout of bitey face or tug of war with Simon.... She will also play with us a bit, but really just enjoys snuggling and hang out with you...
 and of course, Sasha decided in the middle of tug of war, she needed some tummy scractches!

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Simon has a new friend!

So when Simon wasn't looking and playing bunny ears, I got another foster pup! She came on Sunday after a long two days of transporting from California
 Simon is so excited to have a possible playmate...
 She's a year old, about 10 lbs.. so far, she's pretty shy with the other dogs; but lets us hold her and snuggle her.  She played with Simon for a whole 5 seconds before becoming overwhelmed and running back to the dog bed... She is still acclimating to the house and new routine so I'm excited to see her personality come out in the next few days as we get to know her better...

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Snoozy Simon

Simon can be a busy boy, but you got love him even more when he gets a little sleepy.. He's cuddly and loves to be petted as he drifts off to snooze-land!
 He also likes to sneak in a snuggle with Skeeter ... He has to wait until she's very sleepy or already snoozing and then he's just snuggles as close as he can!  She can be snarky with him and his puppy ways but she doesn't seem to mind a nap with him from time to time... more her speed I think

 He is of course a fan of the donut bed and it's a perfect fit for these two!

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Visiting the Pet Store

Off we went to the pet store to pick up some food... Simon wasn't sure about this new place.. and when we arrived at the front door and the door opening automatically, he didn't want to go in, but soon, he was into all the new sights and smells they had to offer!  We were all alone in there so he got to spend some time just checking out everything.. Very curious about a bird chirping, but he couldn't find it! 

 Just a cute picture of him listening to some dogs barking on the computer... gotta love a sweet head tilt! 
Then home to play with his favorite octopus... He loves chewing it, shaking it and all things terrier with it! 

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Silly Simon

Simon hangs out with me most of the day while I work and loves himself a sun spot for sure...
 But he also loves my foot rest and warmer... And he makes a pretty good footwarmer himself so we have come to an arrangement and he will sleep on my footrest and I get toasty feet by putting them under him and the blanket over him... Works for all!  He doesn't like to be disturbed for picture taking as you can tell!

 We had another trip to the dog park and he played this interesting came of range rover, with this two kids and me... He would run full speed to him; let them pet him and then run back to me... He did this a dozen times at least... The kids were thrilled and it was fun to watch... Later they came over and got to meet him and he let them hold him and gave them kisses... It was pretty cute... Not sure what came over him, but I got a tired puppy at the end of the day and he had fun!

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Keeping Busy

 Nothing like warm clothes to nap on.... but then quick enough the nap is over and it's time to play!  Thanks to New Rattitudes welcome package, he got this fun blue bone to chew on... He enjoyed ripping the fuzzy heart off ASAP!

 He helps you do dishes!

And he's learning to chase the tail chaser... Now that we don't have Silas to play with him and run some energy out, we can keep him busy chasing this little tail. 

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Time for Simon to get his play on!

Took Simon over to my friends who has 4 dogs... Interesting enough - Simon got his play with 12 year old Howie, who usually is on the couch... He's gotten a lot more active with the addition of two new puppies and Simon got in on some good chase and play with him too!  It was good seeing Howie having fun!

 Meeting a resident cat... Interested but not really... He moved on quick enough... (smart boy)
 Time to rest and both Simon and Luna were able to chew down on bully sticks near other with no problem - he was a bit growly with me when i petted him but he did let me hold the bully stick and pet him with no issue... it's hard on them sometimes to have such a good treat and not be possessive about it but we don't want them to crazy possessive or resource guarding... He just needs to learn that he can relax and enjoy a good treat - there is always more down the line!

Sunday, August 7, 2016


Silas has quickly settled into his new home and is getting along great with his new sister Lola (former foster Scully) can see how tough he has it from lounging in his new bed to napping by the pool!  We are happy for him, it's the life he deserves!

Shelby is one of my very first fosters and I'll always remember her cause she was so tiny, yet she could and would jump into anyone arms.  She continues to be a blessing and best friend to her mom Sherise and now has a little minpin sibling to play with her. 

Now Maggie; she is super loved and has two fursiblings to run around with and is just enjoying the good life!

Now Pippa, she is Princess of all she surveys! Now 2 1/2 yrs old, and over a year since being adopted; she is thriving in her new home and is loved very much.

Now Holly, she is doing super in her new family and her pack. She gets to travel and we saw her at the Rattiefest and you could just see how happy she is and how well she is doing.  Couldn't be happier for her. 

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Nap Time!

 He's actually looking at Skeeter that burrowed herself under the covers.. She's busy yelling at him to leave her alone!  He's confused, thinking that maybe it's playtime.   Skeeter is tolerant of him as long as he doesn't try to play with her. They've exchanged mouth licks and ear cleanings... It's really quite cute and I continue to be impressed with Skeeter's fostering skills!

 Simon managed to sneak a nap with Sasha... He wishes that either Sasha or Skeeter would play with him, but they are constantly telling him to bug off! Naps will have to do.  He also likes to sleep under my feet while i'm working (awesome foot warmer) but he couldn't resist a nap in the sunspot.