Thursday, September 13, 2012

Skitz in the HOWHOW-HOWSE!

It arrived!!  I bid on something during the New Rattitude Auction and won!    I thought it would b e extra special for Skitz and it arrived this week!  Yes, A track suit! I thought he looked pretty good but he wasn't too sure... It took some convincing!

Cute little tushie!

So, he might not really be an "outfit" dog, but he doesn't eat them (thinking of you, Sammy!),  doesn't like down flat like he just lost his will and he doesn't run away (awww..Saul!) but he's kind of - "really, are you really making me do this and just kind of gets "mellow".  But he alter-ego on the other hand.... s

Say hello to Skitina! (don't judge me!, it came with the package with the track suit).  She was a lovely house guest, but didn't stay long... But very cute while she was here!

So while not a huge fan of the clothes wearing... I can see sweaters in his future... whether he thinks they are great or not.  He doesn't have a any "extra fat" on him and in the past few days, the weather has cooled... He shivers outside sometimes.  I imagine in the winter months, he will be quite chilly and will learn to enjoy the "sweaters".   I'd like to think I am just getting him ready!

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