Monday, September 10, 2012

Skitz got Bling!

 I've taken to calling Skittles, Skitz this past week and now I know why... Look at him rock out some serious BLING with his human friend Heidi!  He's had a busy week of meeting lots of people this week and Heidi will be sitting for me on Monday and Tuesday so Skitz will no doubt be having some fun TLC with Heidi (any maybe more bling)!  (Thanks Heidi!!!)

This weekend, my dad and uncle came over... my dad was teasing Skittles calling him a chihuahua - Skittles got mad! Started to bark at him!  Even though that was not nice of my dad, Skittles had to get off the couch.  When he was allowed back up, he wouldn't even look at him, preferring to sit facing away from him.  But there was no more growling and barking, so lesson learned!

My uncle Robert was quite the dog whisperer to Skittles, immediately making friends (by the way of scratches and treats) and even my own personal dog -  who also usually has a warm up period. 

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