Sunday, September 30, 2012

Bully For Me!

Recently, Northwest New Rattitudes Adoption Coordinator did a blog post called Ode to a Steer and she wasn't kidding about the zen like atmosphere that goes through the house when the bully sticks come out...

 Skittles hasn't had many treats like this in his life I can tell.  At first in foster care, he would be growly and nervous with such prized treats, but now he just settles down to business in his own space.  He lets us pet him and isn't at all nervous while we are around...even during picture taking!

 Skittles found a more comfortable spot for bully chewing... right next to a cow hoove!  And I do think he was on his way to falling asleep with the bully stick in his mouth... but we had to go out for a bit and didn't want to leave both dogs out with their treats without supervision in case one tried to get greedy.    When Cassie picked him up, he just latched on to his treat and wasn't letting go for nothin!  So he got to keep his bully stick in his crate while we ran errands

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