Sunday, September 30, 2012

Bully For Me!

Recently, Northwest New Rattitudes Adoption Coordinator did a blog post called Ode to a Steer and she wasn't kidding about the zen like atmosphere that goes through the house when the bully sticks come out...

 Skittles hasn't had many treats like this in his life I can tell.  At first in foster care, he would be growly and nervous with such prized treats, but now he just settles down to business in his own space.  He lets us pet him and isn't at all nervous while we are around...even during picture taking!

 Skittles found a more comfortable spot for bully chewing... right next to a cow hoove!  And I do think he was on his way to falling asleep with the bully stick in his mouth... but we had to go out for a bit and didn't want to leave both dogs out with their treats without supervision in case one tried to get greedy.    When Cassie picked him up, he just latched on to his treat and wasn't letting go for nothin!  So he got to keep his bully stick in his crate while we ran errands

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Nom Nom Watermenom!

So a little watermelon in my garden wasn't doing well so we decided to pick up and let the dogs have it... Skittles could barely contain himself with excitement, shaking and shivering!
 (we tried it too, it just tasted like watermelon rhine)
Pretty Please!


He first tried begging for it... Then he tried his eye hypnotizing stare... but he didn't get a piece until he did his newest trick we've been teaching him, "shake".  Success!  He then got his watermelon piece and was a happy boy... He also got to eat up my dog's leftovers, which he did quite sneakily and FAST (too not get caught I think)... 

Once he had a full watermelon belly, it was laptime!  

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Hold Me Now

 So Mia is not the best holder of little Skittles, but he loves her and loves playing with her.  She is my friends daughter and he does quite well with her.  It probably took two or three visits for him to fully warm up to her, but now when he sees her, he just runs up to her for some play.  

Skittles getting held by Cassie.  No ears were harms in these photo's I swear!  But he's got really adorable soft ears and Cassie found them hard not to nibble!

Friday, September 21, 2012

The Many Views of Skittles

Skittles has had a lot of fun this week... I think he's even "thought" about trying to play with my dog, though he hasn't quiet braved it yet.  I think he's going to give an actual try pretty soon. 

Cute BUTT!

 He's a super fan of my daughter Cassie.  When she comes home, his whole little body wiggles with excitement.  She plays a lot with him so he's always soooo excited.. He's excited to see me too, but just not quite THAT excited.  I like seeing him excited - he can be such a mellow thing, it's nice to see him get a little wound up...

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Skittles is Back!

Skittles is really a sweet little dog... He's not much into chasing balls, he enjoys the occasional nibble on a toy, loves to chew on cow hooves.  But this week we have really focused on teach him "spin" and he's starting to get it!  He's a cute little spinner!  I hope to get a video soon. 
 Exhausted after all that spinning and visits from Skitz and Skitina - Skittles found a new snuggle spot - inside a pillow! 

Friday, September 14, 2012

Greetings From Saul up High!

I hear from my former foster Saul's person Kelly.  He is doing great and just got back from summer vacation where he traveled in a motorhome to Utah.  He got to go to lots places, got to do lots climbing and even some river wading! 

Saul looks great and is doing great... I miss that butter eater (yes, once he stole a whole
stick of butter from the counter top and ate it all!) but Kelly is the person he was meant to be with
and I couldn't be more thrilled with his happy home!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Skitz in the HOWHOW-HOWSE!

It arrived!!  I bid on something during the New Rattitude Auction and won!    I thought it would b e extra special for Skitz and it arrived this week!  Yes, A track suit! I thought he looked pretty good but he wasn't too sure... It took some convincing!

Cute little tushie!

So, he might not really be an "outfit" dog, but he doesn't eat them (thinking of you, Sammy!),  doesn't like down flat like he just lost his will and he doesn't run away (awww..Saul!) but he's kind of - "really, are you really making me do this and just kind of gets "mellow".  But he alter-ego on the other hand.... s

Say hello to Skitina! (don't judge me!, it came with the package with the track suit).  She was a lovely house guest, but didn't stay long... But very cute while she was here!

So while not a huge fan of the clothes wearing... I can see sweaters in his future... whether he thinks they are great or not.  He doesn't have a any "extra fat" on him and in the past few days, the weather has cooled... He shivers outside sometimes.  I imagine in the winter months, he will be quite chilly and will learn to enjoy the "sweaters".   I'd like to think I am just getting him ready!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Man on the Town!

Lots of walks for Skittles. The weather out here is getting cooler so we can go walking during the day!

 It's good for Skittles to get lots of walks so he is comfortable in the neighborhood.  Treats go a long way in keeping him focus on you and walking and not other dogs!
  Time to go home after a walk

Now it's Nap Time!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Skitz got Bling!

 I've taken to calling Skittles, Skitz this past week and now I know why... Look at him rock out some serious BLING with his human friend Heidi!  He's had a busy week of meeting lots of people this week and Heidi will be sitting for me on Monday and Tuesday so Skitz will no doubt be having some fun TLC with Heidi (any maybe more bling)!  (Thanks Heidi!!!)

This weekend, my dad and uncle came over... my dad was teasing Skittles calling him a chihuahua - Skittles got mad! Started to bark at him!  Even though that was not nice of my dad, Skittles had to get off the couch.  When he was allowed back up, he wouldn't even look at him, preferring to sit facing away from him.  But there was no more growling and barking, so lesson learned!

My uncle Robert was quite the dog whisperer to Skittles, immediately making friends (by the way of scratches and treats) and even my own personal dog -  who also usually has a warm up period. 

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Skittles the Movie STAR!

Skittles the Movie Star!

Another foster mom, Jill, is a wiz at putting together pictures and videos and made Skittles his very own movie!  Check it out to see a review of Skittles during his past 3 months in foster care.  

When Skittles first came, he was sooo skinny, so nervous and sooooo tired... He'd been through a lot and it took him a while but he has really settled in, gained wait and learned to be trusting.  He still has moments where another dog gets too close and sometimes meeting new people makes him nervous, but he's come a long way and continues to grow in the dog he was always meant to be!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Mentalist!

Skittles will hypnotize you with his baby browns to do his bidding if you stare at them too long...

Whew... broke eye contact!  You may go on with your day!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Sweet Skittles!

He's not a sour Skittles, more of a Sweet Skittles but I couldn't resist after seeing this box 
it was too perfect right? 

He looks a little pitiful in this picture above huh?  He really isn't a fan of bath time but he does stay still.  He gets upset enough that he won't even take a treat during, but once he's done and dried off (after being a bit drama-ey with some groans while being dry) he's a happy boy and bounds around.  My dog Sasha got a bath right after him and I think Skittles felt some kindship, cause he tried to get her to play and did some chasing!