Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Sunspots and Treats

Isn't this the way of it?  The littlest dog Skittles gets the big dog bed all to himself with all the sunrays and poor Sammy gets a sliver of sun spot off to the side... Sigh...Life is tough!

I have seen the beginnings of play with Skittles and Sammy, just brief 20 seconds or so and then Skittles has had a enough... Sammy is so easy going and fun to play with, I think he's hard to resist...

I saw this green toy in the store -  called "monster mouth" and knew it would be good for Sammy.. You can stick treats in it and they have to get it out... as I suspected - Sammy loved it and really keeps him entertained! And while he was busy with that - Skittles got to settle down with a nice bone to chew on too! 

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