Sunday, July 8, 2012

Summer Romance for Sammy

Sammy got himself a girlfriend this Saturday... Sadie is quite taken with him and poor Sammy got quite drenched by Sadie's attentions, though he didn't really mind as he kept going back for more!  He's the first foster she's really perked up for.  Usually it's the other dog Sheriff that plays with the fosters so it's nice to see Sadie perk up. 
Sammy also hung out with my friends daughter and they get along super... He's a little nervous around new people but once he gets to you know, he's your best friend forever and prepare for lots of kisses!  

Here he is with Mia who was blending in with a dog mask, and Sheriff - they are all waiting for treats!

He also got his nails trimmed this weekend by Cassie which was made super easy by giving treats at the same time. 

Took him to the pet store where he was super behaved and even when a dog barked at him he was easy to distract and get interested in other things.  He did barked at a dog that was on the front page of a calender... But then the pet store woman gave him treats and he forgot all about that dog!  :)

Exhausted after a busy weekend!

Skittles too had a fun weekend though he stayed home this time.  However, he got a bath and his nails trimmed (thanks again Cassie).  He doesn't seem to mind the grooming... Brought him home a cow hoove to make up for not going to the pet store and he is a happy content boy
(and smells wonderful!!)

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  1. Good boys!!! So cute all zonked out!