Friday, July 13, 2012

Sharp Dressed Dogs!

Got the boys fancy New Rattitude bandanas that they can wear when they are out and about... Sammy tried to eat his at first but settled down after a few minutes... Skittles was fine with his but decided to try to eat Sammy's (maybe it's cause it's blue?)!  Sammy thought that was great fun and got a game of chase out of Skittles which was fun to watch... However, after a bit, they both settled down and accepted the spiffyness of their new bandanas.   I see a trip into town this weekend so they can show off their cuteness! 

Sammy is such a cute little boy and is really learning to listen and knows sit perfect and he's almost got spin down.  Skittles will sit, but he fights it a little on the concrete or tile... He likes a soft cushion for his rump! 

I've been working with them both for the past couple of weeks to be calm and sit for breakfast and dinner time...Much improvement out of the both of them.  Sammy can still get a little excited (boy does love his food) but just a verbal sit or two and he's a calm little boy waiting for his food.

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