Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Serious Side of Skittles

Its sometimes hard to be all serious with a a name like Skittles but he manages!  Super hot today and Skittles found himself a comfy spot... on me!    However once it cooled down enough, he did engage Sammy in a bit of rattie runs... Sammy is hard to resist and even my dog joins in.. it lasted only a minute but he sure looked happy... Sammy could use some more room to run though I think since he has to go in the house and out to get a full run on that he likes -  Rattie Runs

And during this, Sammy and Sasha were being nosey neighbors!  (She has cats so they must have been checking them out)

Skittles also tried to be a handyman!  Here he is "helping" me fix my garbage disposal!  Thanks so much Skittleman!   He is really a good houseguest... completly pottytrained from the beginning and just the sweetest little cuddlebug you could meet. 

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