Sunday, July 1, 2012

Sammy's come a long way...

So Sammy has been in my care now for 3 months and what a difference it has made!   He is still just as lovable as he was on day one but healthwise, he has come a long way!   Here is his shelter picture, a little dirty, a lot scared - just looking for someone to help.. And luckily New Rattitude was there for him...

Sammy came to me with a a small case of demodex mange that was in process of being treated - it was non contagious and usually abandoned dogs get it  due to stress of being a stray and being out of the streets.  Poor Sammy had it on the left side of his face which caused the hair to fall out and the irritation making his skin very red and itchy! 

Good food, some medicine and some salve and over the next two months, his face healed up and his hair all grew back!    He also had a vet trip to confirm that he was all better and had his baby canines removed that were just being stubborn and needed to come out.  And last month, he's gotten both of his ear to stand up at the same time!   Little guy has been through a lot but has come through, healed up and is now enjoying a healthy life! 

During this time too, he has learn to potty outside (woot!), sit, leave it, and spin... He has also learned that toys are great things to play with, with either people as in fetch, tug with other dogs or just throwing them up in the air or rolling on them before settling down for a good chew!  He has also learned the wonderful lesson I think,  that my sunglasses are not a chew toy!  

He is a fast learner, has a curious spirit and just loves to play.  He loves to chase birds in the sky and loves playing with other dogs.  Super people and dog friendly though he can be a little nervous for the first few minutes meeting new people.   He is now waiting for his family to come and find him.  Until then, lot of naps and plenty of love and kisses to this sweet little boy :)

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