Thursday, July 5, 2012

Sammy the Bird Watcher

 Sammy is really becoming the avid bird watcher...

Lots of time in the back yard checking out the flying birds - the other dogs follow him and try to figure out what he is looking at, but I don't think they really know but they don't want to miss out on anything that is going on... its Sammy who is the bird watcher!

He doesn't bark at them but just chases after them, looks for them, watches them - he's been really keeping an eye on them and is quite fascinated by them.

That being said, they also watch me too when I got treats or they would like more food!

Skittles is the slowest eater I have met to date - one kibble or two at a time, chew thoroughly, look at me, then goes again.. He has gotten a bit faster since he's been in foster care, but he's still pretty slow.  I'm sure that is how he got so skinny and guardy with his food- the other dogs would eat his food before he had a chance to eat any of it!  In the beginning I would feed him in his crate but he wouldn't always eat at all in there and a few times I  hand fed him but for the past couple of weeks he's been eating with the other dogs and it seems to be working well though I hang around until he done so the other dogs don't bully the food from him. 

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