Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Spyro Growing and Learning...

Spyro continues to do really well... He is using the doggie door on a regular basis now and we are in full fake potty mode so I'm having to watch him and only treat when he does some pottying...  He also has started doing his business in the grass which is great... For this past two weeks, he would only go on the concrete patio... probably all he knew in the shelter he was at for two months :(

He was quite the little trouble maker tonight and found the fuzz inside a blanket I have for him and had a lot of fun pulling it out... I'm sure he thought I was quite the party pooper by taking it away but then he just turned his attention on a stuffed toy though he's not gotten close to destuffing it..... yet :)  He also taste tested an ear bud so you got to keep a close on on this little one until he learns what a toy is and what is not.

He likes to let out little barks when he's happy or wants attention and will also make some noise if you do something he doesn't like either... He's can be quite talkative! (working on getting video but he stops whenever you bring the camera out for that)
loves me some  tennis balls

when will my foster mom stop playing on the computer!
This was Cassie's idea... he's not happy about it...

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