Sunday, December 4, 2011

Spryo is Here...

Susie went home today to her new family and they were nice enough to bring me my newest foster... We named him Spryo and he is super tiny with big eyes and big ears.  He's pretty nervous with all the changes that have been going on, but he super sweet, gives little kisses already and gnawed down on a cow hoof and seemed pretty happy with that.  Tomorrow is his neuter, so it will be a few more days before we will get to see his personality start to shine but I can tell, he's just going to be a doll...


  1. Oh I WANT him!!! I have sebastian in training now so we can improve his recall before getting him a brother or sister. Spryo is so cute with those big ears! How old is he? He looks about 10-12lbs... so small. Sab is on a diet because I was feeding him too much and he gained 2 pounds. I guess the vet over-estimated with her suggestion because he's a little chunky right now. I will send you some pictures soon. Post more pics of Spryo!!!!

  2. he's a cutie huh? adorable eyes! He is about 7 months and only 7.9 lbs (at least a pound or more underweight) - he will take Sab's extra pounds for you! He comes from CA where he's been in a shelter since October. I just got him on Sunday, so I'm learning all about him and will continue to post more info as I get it. All I know at this point is he needs to be housetrained. He makes noises when he plays (will get video). I miss Sebastian, I would love pics!