Saturday, December 17, 2011

Doggie Doors - R Us

It's been a busy week!  Spyro continues to do really well and has now learned the doggie door!  He's started to go out there on his own and though he is not reliable yet, he is well on his way... I think he may have even "faked" pottied once because he knows if he goes out there and potties, he gets a treat!   He's gone out for walks and he does pretty good with the leash and maybe seems a little worried about where he's going, but everyday, he is getting a little less scared and more into a routine.  He loves to lay in your lap for naps and also likes to walk across my laptop - which, on Wed he did, and managed to turn my screen upside down! (turns out he hit ctl, alt and the down key in the right order) - maybe he's a computer genius... or hacker...

His stitches came out this week and he was quite the drama queen about it, yelping before we even started... but then he was able to get a bath and jump around like a maniac...which it turns out, he does pretty good with the jumping with those little legs of his. 

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