Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year!

My first year as a foster parent is here... 7 dogs in 7 months.  What a wonderful experience it has been.  I have been honored to be part of each of these dogs journey into their furever home.  And thanks to all the New Rattitude people for all the kindness and support this past year and the Washington team..I couldn't have done it without them! and last but not least, and especially my daughter Cassie, who has been such a great help with these dogs, especially the playing part! 

Monday, December 26, 2011

Happy New Life!

The house is quiet!  Spyro has made it to Oregon with his new family today.  When they came to pick him up, he got to meet his new dog brother Porter who is about 14 lbs.  They immediately got along and were running around the house and playing together.  They have named him Gizmo!  He is already settling into his new home with a new bed and is busy hoarding toys under their dining room table.  Best to you and happy life little man!

Friday, December 23, 2011

I'm adopted!!!

Spyro got himself the best Christmas present - he's been adopted by a great family in Oregon where he will have a couple of dog siblings too.  We will be keeping him through Christmas (and I will be putting a few Christmas bows on him) and he's off to his new home on Monday.  Merry Christmas Spryo,  you deserve it!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Spyro Growing and Learning...

Spyro continues to do really well... He is using the doggie door on a regular basis now and we are in full fake potty mode so I'm having to watch him and only treat when he does some pottying...  He also has started doing his business in the grass which is great... For this past two weeks, he would only go on the concrete patio... probably all he knew in the shelter he was at for two months :(

He was quite the little trouble maker tonight and found the fuzz inside a blanket I have for him and had a lot of fun pulling it out... I'm sure he thought I was quite the party pooper by taking it away but then he just turned his attention on a stuffed toy though he's not gotten close to destuffing it..... yet :)  He also taste tested an ear bud so you got to keep a close on on this little one until he learns what a toy is and what is not.

He likes to let out little barks when he's happy or wants attention and will also make some noise if you do something he doesn't like either... He's can be quite talkative! (working on getting video but he stops whenever you bring the camera out for that)
loves me some  tennis balls

when will my foster mom stop playing on the computer!
This was Cassie's idea... he's not happy about it...

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Sebastian, Tucker and Susie Updates

Got lots of updates this past week...

Sebastian, my very first foster is doing really well and has joined a doggie training class to work on recall.  Ryan adores him and is now working on cutting back some on his food as he's gained a little "winter weight".

Tucker is also doing great here in Yakima and is becoming best buddies with Ron and will curl up by him for naps... (Tucker was very wary of him when he was first adopted)...  He has attempted the hobby of chewing shoes and plastic garbage can but his new parents are showing him there are much better things to chew on...

Susie who was just recently adopted is settling in after an eventful start... She is quickly showing her new parents that she is the master squeaker destroyer of all squeaker toys....

Susie gettin' some love from her new mom
Here is to a Happy Holiday season to all the dogs I've fostered this year... (including, Shelby, Shelly and Saul too!) and to a wonderful new year with their fur-ever families!

All I Want For Christmas....

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Doggie Doors - R Us

It's been a busy week!  Spyro continues to do really well and has now learned the doggie door!  He's started to go out there on his own and though he is not reliable yet, he is well on his way... I think he may have even "faked" pottied once because he knows if he goes out there and potties, he gets a treat!   He's gone out for walks and he does pretty good with the leash and maybe seems a little worried about where he's going, but everyday, he is getting a little less scared and more into a routine.  He loves to lay in your lap for naps and also likes to walk across my laptop - which, on Wed he did, and managed to turn my screen upside down! (turns out he hit ctl, alt and the down key in the right order) - maybe he's a computer genius... or hacker...

His stitches came out this week and he was quite the drama queen about it, yelping before we even started... but then he was able to get a bath and jump around like a maniac...which it turns out, he does pretty good with the jumping with those little legs of his. 

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Spyro out on the town...

Spyro had himself a busy day yesterday... He went and visited my neighbor who has a JRT mix  named Fancy who is about 6 years old... They did some playing together and it was super cute (no camera though!) - we will being going back there for sure! 

We also went to the pet store to pick up some more squeeky tennis balls and he did really good though he wouldn't take a treat from an employee, too nervous for that... He did however find a bed he wanted... a $70, memory foam, heated bed - so this little man has expensive taste!  He didn't want to leave it!

Housetraining is coming along... He ALMOST went out the door by himself, I could tell he wanted to, but he couldn't quite brave the chilly weather and had to be coaxed out there...  

He follows my dog Sasha everywhere and has been trying to get her to play by bouncing around in front of her... it's super cute.... They even shared a moment in the doggie bed together, though Sasha left after about 5 minutes... (okay, Cassie put Spyro in there, but they still had a moement together!)

Friday, December 9, 2011

Spyro's Playdates!

Took Spyro over to my friend's house yesterday and met her dogs... Spyro was a bit nervous as they were much bigger than he was, but they did lots of greets and sniffs and did good... When a couple more people came over, he wanted to be held and shook with nervousness - little overwhelmed I think... Tonight I went over to another friends house and she also has big dogs, and Spyro did a little playing, a little humping (still working those hormones out) and I hear his first (and second) growl out of him when he had enough... He also played with her kids, a 6 year old girl and 10 year old boy and did really great...

with Sheriff (left) and Sadie (right) - all very excited for treats!

He can now also manage to jump up on my bed, though he can't get up there about half the time. 

Potty Training:  We are still working on it, and he will now go out the doggie door with some coaxing... He knows he gets treats when he comes back in, but he hasn't quite connected it all yet. 

He still has to be coned when he's in his crate cause he just won't stop messing with his stitches and we have to watch him closely when he's not coned.  He knows he's not suppose too, but he just can't help himself. 

He loves to snuggle and right now he's asleep in my lap (as I type sideways on the computer) giving out little puppy snores... He gives you kisses and loves to wiggle when he's excited.  Loves to have his belly scratch and the top of his head... Do them together and he just closes his eyes and is in heaven.  He's very adorable. 

Sheriff sneaking up on Spyro

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Spryo Update....

So Spyro is recovering well from his neuter and starting to play and get a little more active.  He chases tennis balls and loves the little round panda toy - .   He is doing well with my dog Sasha and is a good listener when he gets into her space and so far isn't interested in my cat at all.

Housetraining has begun - poor little guy, he's so skinny, no extra fat on him at all (only 7 lbs 9 oz) and he has to go outside to potty and last night it was 19 degrees!  He has learned the doggie dog least to come in and get away from the cold!  I have to close the screen so he can't run back in before he's done.  He has no idea yet why he has to go out there, but the lightbulb will go off soon...  I've learned to pick him up from his crate in the morning and when I get home, rather than let him walk outside so he isn't able to "pit stop" on the way outside... :)

He does well in the crate, sleeps quite in there and even lets me put him in there while I do some housework....  he also loves the doggie bed and if I just bring it out into my craft room, he will curl up on it and let me make some owls crafts, which is nice.   No acccidents in the crate either. 

He does howl a bit when he hears things outside... I was with my dad yesterday outside working on a car issue and he has a little tiny howl and he kept up for about 20 minutes before settling... However, he's quiet when I'm at home and he's quite when I leave... I just think he could hear us there and wanted in on the action! 

Monday, December 5, 2011

Spyro's got a Cone

Spryo's back from his neuter and he is too interested in checking out his stitches, so he's been coned!  He weighs a whole 7 lbs and 9 oz.    He needs a little meat on his bones, he's pretty skinny... He's about 8 months too, so he's bound to grow a bit too.    Just mostly sleeping since we got home and he's not putting to much of fuss up with the cone.   He finally woke up about 1/2 hour ago and downed a bully stick so he must be on the road to recovery... My daughter Cassie was nice and held it for him while he had the cone on - but then we figured out as long as he had the bully stick, he wasn't interested in his stitches, so he got a cone break.    We also took him out twice for potty's with success, so we are off and running on the housetraining! 

Bored!  Let me out of the cone!

he's ears are so big, they fold in the cone - poor thing!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Spryo is Here...

Susie went home today to her new family and they were nice enough to bring me my newest foster... We named him Spryo and he is super tiny with big eyes and big ears.  He's pretty nervous with all the changes that have been going on, but he super sweet, gives little kisses already and gnawed down on a cow hoof and seemed pretty happy with that.  Tomorrow is his neuter, so it will be a few more days before we will get to see his personality start to shine but I can tell, he's just going to be a doll...

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Beauty Sleep

Susie is getting all her beauty sleep to prepare for her new parents on Sunday!  She also needs a bath and a nail trim, but we will let her sleep and save that for Saturday :)  She also found my (not hers) new pink owl blanket and snuggled right up to it... :)  Sleep tight Susie!