Monday, March 27, 2017

Scotty Arrives!

Scotty arrived in Yakima Sunday night.  Much thanks to Gettin 'Em Home transport who helped this fellow come up from California.   He's about 6 months old and 12 lbs. 

As much as we puppy proofed the house, sure enough, within 5 minutes, we were already in the "what's in his mouth" phase as he found some little scraps of paper (thankfully that was all it was) to chew on... He has been quick to explore and trying to make friends with Sasha and Skeeter.  He is such a cuddlebug, but I can tell, he will be a busy thing. 

He's got a little cough and he needs to go in for his neuter soon - but it will be fun getting to know this sweet little guy.


Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Guess Whose Coming to Town!

Scoootttttaaaay!  (Scotty) will be arriving on Sunday.  He's a young pup at about 6 months and looks like he's gonna be a lot of fun.  Wake my girls up from their winter slumber for sure! 

He's a type B's rattie from the look of his short little legs and we are so excited to meet him!!!

What great shots Lynn, his California foster mom got of him!    He looks adorable!!!!!

Sunday, February 26, 2017


Pippa, adopted 2 years ago is turning 3.. She still loves her toys, but also doesn't mind playing with a foot from time to time!  It's nice to see her all grown up into full doghood :)

Simon, Simon, Simon... his mom posts him on intragraam from time to time so I get to keep up on his adorableness.  Adopted last year, he of course chooses a big ol' ice cube to play with... but he's so cute doing it!  I so enjoy seeing his continued goofiness that we came to know and love

Skipper (in the middle) doing fantastic with lil, but older sister on the right, Fifi and new baby fur sibling on the left!  I think he will always have a puppy face to me.

And last, but not least - I have heard from Stallone's new mom and he is quickly making himself at home... .His mom changed his name to Chase (which was his name on his previous paperwork) and is already walking so much better on his leash.  I look forward to hearing about him.. (and maybe a picture of two!)

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

I'm Adopted!

Can you believe it?  Stallone has been adopted and is already in his new home... Sometimes things just feel like they are meant to be... Stallone's new mom, who lives here in Yakima was ready and started looking to adopt a rescue rat terrier after losing her beloved rat terrier last year.  And lo and behold after a google search of Yakima Rat Terriers - she found Stallone on the New Rattitude Washington facebook page, and then my blog where sweet Stallone was and knew he was what she was looking for. 

He really liked her when he first met her by showing off his fast rattie runs in her house and then giving her some kisses... And she's got low windows in her house where he can people and dog watch to his hearts content! And the great news was the very first night, he use her doggie door out to the garden and the second doggie door to the yard! Way to go! 

 We'll miss this big guy, but he's got good things ahead of him and maybe we will see him around from time to time in the neighborhood...

My last picture of Stallone playing tug with Skeeter.. he was being very gentle with her... He let her win the tug of war...

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Getting some fresh air!

While I was on the phone, Stallone came and gave me this look.... I knew it was time to get off the phone and get this fellow out for a walk! 
Decided to take all the dogs.. We first tried going to the canyon for a walk, but there was still so much soft snow, Skeeter immediately hated it and I could tell it just wouldn't be any fun (except for maybe Stallone who just wanted to go sniff and pee) so we went to Randall park instead...

Still some snow and slush, but not all and it was much easy to walk on!  Plenty to see and sniff and geesh.. all three pees and marked like maniacs (lots of dog smells I'm sure).. it was pretty empty of people and dogs so they all just go to take their time.. It was a very nice walk

 Best part.. .3 tired doggies when we got home... So tired; they didn't even bug me for dinner at dinner time preferring to stay snoozing.. until of course I got up and then they were wide awake!

 Stallone does like to bird watch and with the window open, he gets much more interested since he can hear things going on out there...

And just a cute picture of Stallone and Skeeter being the angels that they are... I can almost see the halos!  :)  

Thursday, February 16, 2017

More snow????

So much snow here this year in Yakima... It's been tough on sunny California pup Stallone... And when it's not snowing, it's either freezing into ice or freezing rain... i can always tell when he NEEDS to go out; but doesn't quite want to leave the warm house... Can't say I blame him too much; but he's getting that that is what we want him to do. And he's getting pretty fast at it so he can run back inside ASAP for treats and fuzzy blankets :)

The snow has ice on it; so it makes it hard on the pups to walk on; Skeeter doesn't even try; but Stallone likes to do his business at the end of yard so out he goes.  I too will be glad when all this snow is gone. 
 A trip to the big pet store... so many things to sniff... he could have spent hours in there... He likes meeting new people and hearing how handsome he is.. He did get a little nervous and shy when 3 little girls together wanted to pet him; but one on one; he's totally relaxed.. he just needs practice!

Almost lost him; not sure what was so fascinating back there; but he was into it. 

Monday, February 13, 2017

Gettin' to know Stallone

Stallone has quickly figured out the routine of his new household... He can nap anywhere and while he enjoys getting out for walks, is comfortable just lazing about (especially in this cold weather).  He does get a bit naughty if he feels like he's not getting enough attention or needs to burn off some steam, but mostly just takes it out on toys by destuffing them and chewing the squeakers. 

He also will lay his head on you and look at you when he doesn't get what he wants, if that doesn't work, he will flop himself on the ground with a heavy sigh... We see this happen when he doesn't get a treat when he thinks he should!  Speaking of, housetraining is going very well and while still not a fan of the cold and the snow out there... he is going out there for potty breaks... It's mostly in the mornings when I have to REALLY convince him that he needs to go outside for a bit :)

He's good with the other dogs, and still pesters Sasha occasionally to see if she will play with him... He really does enjoy playing with dogs his own size.  Bigger dogs, not so much.  If there is only one he will, but more and he's too nervous. 

This is after a nice hike and short visit to the dog park - he was a tired boy!  He was out for the count for a couple of hours!