Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Update on Sunny

Sunny has been renamed Gertie (which I think is so super cute) and her mom loves her so much!    She got her into the St. Patrick''s day spirit immediately and off for walks with her new fur siblings.    I cannot wait to hear about her future adventures!

Monday, March 19, 2018

Welcome Shae!

So the day that Sunny went home.. I actually picked up a new foster just a few hours later... He is a sweet boy that was owner surrendered for submissive urination.  Supposedly his owner was yelling and this poor fellow was so scared...  Luckily New Rattitude was able to step in and save this fellow right away. 

He spend a few days with another foster mom (Thanks Lynn!) in California and while scared and very timid, no submissive urinating at all.   So now he is here...  He's a big boy at 20 lbs and very sweet and, yes, timid and easily provoked to run away from anything that startles him.  However; he LOVES toys and if you can get him drowsy; he will accept and love a good belly rub from you.    He very badly wants to be friends with Sasha and Skeeter and follows them around.  He is definitely more comfortable around dogs than people at this point; but does want to be around people too; he's just nervous.   

 So we are going to let him settle in for the week; get to know his surrounds and get a bit more comfortable.  He's got to go to the vet to get neutered; that will happen next week. 

Saturday, March 17, 2018

I'm Adopted!!!

Well it couldn't have happened to a sweeter dog.  Sunny Booboo has been adopted and is off to today to Western Washington where her mom is looking forward to snuggling with her and giving her lots of attention!  She'll have two fur sibling too.  I'm so happy to help bring her to to her forever family where she can relax and continue to be the happy sweet little dog she is. 

I will sure miss her and her funny little ways.  She was a nice easy step back into fostering for me and for my dogs too.  I can not wait to hear about how she is thriving in her new home!

A new pup is on the way too! 

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Walk in the park..

So I took Sunny to the dog park - eh... .not for her at least with the bigger dogs.. they made her too nervous and she just shoo'd away anyone in a wide perimeter of me...Luckily they all listened to her but we left in under 10 minutes and went for a walk around the park instead.. Much better for her...

She enjoy the sights; couldn't quite figure out the birds - what they were; if she should chase them, barked at them or what... .And interesting enough was scared of a couple with a baby stroller... gave the baby stroller wide birth; but all the other people she saw; she wanted to meet.

Again; she is a fast walker; but there were so many sight to see and sniff; we had lots of pauses... She's a fun little dog. She definitely needs to work on her confidence but she's super fun and just loves about every person she meets.

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Snuggle Me!

Sunny loves her some snuggles.  She loves being on your lap; though she will settle for besides you.  Especially loves the belly rubs and scratches.  She has a bit of a hard time sharing the attention; but she is learning... But it's also so easy to love on her and give her the attention too.  

She also is quite the wiggler - she likes to rub her back especially  - at least once a day... it's super adorable -  she goes on quite a bit though if she see you watching, she'll stop and come to you - cause now it's your turn!  :) 

Monday, March 5, 2018

Sunny Settles In

Sunny is doing great... She has even learned going out the doggie door - while still not completely housetrained - she is well on her way.  

Also - the snapchat filters pick up her face so I've been having a lot of fun capturing her and getting the different filters to work... This usually happens when I have a break at work and wake her up from her dogbed by my desk!

 Also - she love going on walks!   I have been taking just her cause she walks fast!  (or my dogs walk reallly slow) and thought she would appreciate a faster speed.  The good news too is that barking dogs in the yards we past by don't bother her at all.. She is more interesgted in the walk and all the good things to smell!

She reallly is a number 1 snuggler... She likes to be touching you in some way and cuddle up to you as long as possible. 

Friday, March 2, 2018

So Pretty!

 Sunny is such a pretty girl.  Also will snuggle with the owl which is great.  Skeeter won't even look at it.

Last week when we got a dusting of snow; I was curious to how Sunny would react.  She didn't seem to mind it at all!  Yay!

 She's a bit of a snorer!