Sunday, July 15, 2018

Getting Better!

Slater was back to his old self after a day or two - he earned himself a cone quickly and was a little unhappy about that.. but figured out it wasn't too bad quick enough

He's able to go in the dog door with it which is great and we are starting to have success with him using it to go outside.  Though so far, not on his own.    He now plays daily and even does rattie rans around the house or outside (usually in) and is showing some good energy.  he must be feeling better!  His skin is barely pink at all.   he will play with you with his mouth and hands  - he really is showing himself just to be an easy going happy little dude.   Does not like you kissing his nose though.  Gets a little offended; but he has such a cute nose!  And so accessible in the cone!  hahah

He finally ate a vegetable - it was a califlower... he acted like it was the worst thing ever.  He would chew once..let it drop out of his mouth..sigh...and then again... until it was gone... not a vegi guy for sure; but I'm working on finding a healthy snack for him that he likes. 

He is also definitely a poop walker... He just doesn't stay in place while doing his business... ha!

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Recovery Day

Poor Slater had his neuter today.  He came home wobbly and not feeling good.  He just wanted the sun; some loves and then nice long naps.   He quickly earned himself the donut/cone and was quite the pouter about it but finally settled for a nap.  Can't wait for him to be feeling better!  Hard to see this happy little boy not feeling good, but soon he will be ready for adoption so it's a good thing!

Some cute pictures from earlier -- he really adores Skeeter and the feeling isn't that mutual; but she puts up with him as long as she gets to be boss.. and he's a good listener so it works out... They are pretty cute together. 

Still working on the house training and learning the doggie door.    He's also not a huge fan of vegi's but he's come to appreciate the frozen yogurt peanut butter treats.  I've made some blueberry ones for when he's feeling better that i hope he likes too (Sasha and Skeeter did!)!

Friday, July 6, 2018

Slater's Gettin' Busy

Slater is about 8 months old.  Still a puppy and really mellow.  too mellow... good news though - he must be feeling safe and healthier because he has started to play!  It happened in the beginning of the week and it was amazing!  Before - he wouldn't' play with a toy; wouldn't chase a toy... but this week; he grabbed a toy all by himself and started to rattie shake, throw it and nibble it... He was having sooo much fun!    He's also starting to do rattie runs inside and outside.  You can just tell he feeling better and getting some energy to him.  He's not high energy; but it's good to see that puppy in himm.

I'm so glad to see him getting comfortable and feeling relaxed and having joy.... Feel a little bad as he is heading to his neuter appointment on Tuesday and i know that's not going to be a feel good day but it's a necessity step on his way to be available for adoption.   Some family is going to be so lucky; he is such a special sweet little boy. 

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Happy Fourth!

Of course Slater had to join in with the holiday festivities!  He actually didn't mind wearing the hat one bit.   What was impossible was getting a photo of all three dogs together...  Slater wanted to be held and my two just wanted treats.  Fun times for all - but worth it.  :)

Best 3 dog photo I managed to get.  hahhaa

 Got a good one of Sasha and Skeeter!

Here is to a safe and calm 4th of July for all dogs!

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Enjoying the Yard

Working on teaching Mr Slater here the doggie door.  He finally knows he can come in; but hasn't quite mastered the going "out" yet.

 His skin is clearing up and is becoming less pink.  He's not a fan of the every couple days baths, but the anti fungal shampoo is working and I can tell he is feeling better and less itchy.  He's all getting some energy to him and loves hanging out with the other dogs doing whatever they are doing.  However, he always comes when called.   He really is just a sweetheart and super easy going. 

Saturday, June 30, 2018

Desk Dog Numer Two

Slater was wanting some attention while I worked and while it would be great if I could hold him all day; not really feasible so I snuggled him up to Skeeter who has a bed on my desk and SUCCESS!    Happy dogs!

He's also an under the cover sleeper - preferring to burrow whenever he can. 

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Slater's Voice

Slater is doing well.  Still nervous, but quickly making himself at home and neither Sasha or Skeeter seem to mind him.

He also found his voice - oh boy... what a cute silly little howl he has... I first heard it when I was not in the same room and I was like... what the heck was that... yup that was little Slater...It's tiny, cute and adorable like him.    So far he's not the starter of barks, my dogs got him going. 

So he is about 8 months old.  We are working on his house training and the doggie door.  He's good in the crate at night which is great.  He's seems pretty mellow and has not problem hanging out in the office while I work during the day. 

Slater’s howl <——— video

He also has some yeasty skin so he gets a bath every other day while we clear that up... You can see in some of the photos he looks a little pink.   He feels pretty betrayed by the baths; let me tell you and showed himself to be a super drama queen, shivering; moaning and refusing to look at me when I had him wrapped up in a towel like a baby.  It worked though as I held him and rocked him so he's got my number already too.