Sunday, June 17, 2018

Guess Who's Coming to Town!

It's Slater!!!!   Poor Slater not only finds himself without a home; he got attacked by another dog and got some nasty bites... He was pulled from the shelter already an in a temporary foster home to get treatment and de-stress before heading up here... He'll be coming next Saturday and we all can't wait to meet him! 

He looks a little sad in his pictures; not that I blame him, a lot has happened to him... I'm looking forward to getting pictures of him being happy and feeling better.  Which has already started in his temporary foster home.     He's about 12 lbs so he'll be right in between Skeeter and Sasha sizes.   I think they will love him!  hahah

Wednesday, May 2, 2018


Oh Shae; he is quickly settling in with his new family.  He is doing well on his walks and is really enjoying having Krash as a playmate and also a squirrel watching partner!  It's nice to see him so content and happy.   People often ask how can you foster and then give them up.. Well - I only have to look at the picture of him with his new dad and it's so obvious he is where he was meant to be. 
 So happy that Shae has a buddy to cuddle with - Krash is going to be a good old brother and mentor to him.  :)

And here is Gertie (Sunny) with sister Sophie...   Her mom is working on her reactiveness to dogs while out on walks but she is doing great at home.     Glad to see her continue to do well.

Sunday, April 29, 2018

I'm Adopted!

Yes, It has happened for Shae.  He has found his forever family and so much sooner than I expected!  He'll be over in Western Washington with his mom and dad and he has a fur sibling Krash - who will show him the ropes of his new family life.  

He went home on Friday after a meet where Shae was so  excited for a new dog to play with.  Krash is also a rat terrier so we expect them to be playing in no time.  (and I know Shae hopes for some nap snuggles.)

I've heard from his family already and so far he is adjusting well,  They will continue his journey of trust and self confidence and I know Shae will be a happy confident dog in the future.  Yeah!

We will be taking a month break while we go on vacation... but I will be back in June with new foster adventures!

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Shae loves the sun!

Shae is really enjoying the nice weather.. Likes to go outside and do rattie runs... Likes me to chase him... Likes to nibble on toys. 

Walking continues to be going great - he actually wanted to keep going on Tuesday after the walk to the end of the block - so we went around the block again.  The barky dogs behind the fence still made him a bit nervous but he got through it.    I can't believe how far he's come in the past two weeks. 

Shae and Skeeter  - Shae may be a bit too big for the donut bed - but he makes it fit!

My neighborhood watch.  Sasha teaches all fosters to be on the lookout

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Shae is becoming a walking master!

So Shae is getting super at our walks - excited to go outside; confident.  So we went for around the block... He did really great until two barky dogs behind a fence freaked him out a bit... as he was dealing with that - two small dogs on a walk with their person came walking by across the street... It was too much.  His little back knees were shaking (so bad the women walking her dogs noticed)...but he didn't try to flee; didn't flatten.  Just held still and I just was talking to him; telling him what a good job he was doing... After a minute; he was ready to continue on and we finished around the block... He's really come far in the month he has been here...   Yesterday; we just did our 1 block walking and he was just perky and confident the whole way. 

He also loves to sleep on top of the couch...and he's so leggy!  Super cute.

 He's also doing well with the open crate - cause the dog beds in there.. He goes in there and chills out while I'm in the kitchen.  
 At lunch and after work, it's playtime out in the yard.  He has some energy to burn and my older girls are not into the running and chasing he likes.  So he has to play by himself (I have caught him just doing rattie runs in the morning) and entertain himself until my work is done.   He really would do well with a playmate.

Being a dork

He's very handsome and sweet.   Still has puppy in him; but he's learning.  Happy to seem him continuing to get more comfortable.  He still has a ways to go; but progress!

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Happy Shae!

Shae was so patient earlier this week while I was working; but I could tell he was bored... When I was finally done for the day; he did his body waggin and his silly grins... He was so excited that I was going to come out too!  We all  went outside and enjoyed the rest of the sunny day here... He even got a case of the rattie runs!

He doesn't fetch; but he sure likes chasing toys and sometimes gives them some shakes. It was fun to see him just enjoy himself and the nice day!

I also had some work done on my air conditioner and while Shae did a little barking him in the house at him; he didn't mind him in the yard - preferring to stay in the house and then to just check on him.  He's getting better at having guests come over... still scared; but it seems to be getting shorter.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Shae's Daily Walks

Shae continues to do great on his daily walks.    He's up to a block on the walks and every  day he is more confident.  He's really confident on the way back (and probably happy to be heading back) and has a cute little strut to him.  He's met people on the walks; and dogs; seen and heard cars.  All is fine.  The lawnmowers are kind of scary to him and garages opening ; but now he just pauses and looks now.  No trying to run away.   I might even be able to get a picture soon!

I also have struggled with crating him.  So thanks to fellow NR member Blair who is on the New Rattitude Behavoir Modification team gave me good ideas and a great plan to work on his tolerance to being crated.  He eats in the xpen now with no problem; take treats in there and yesterday; laid down on a doggie bed and enjoyed a bully stick (with the door closed) while I crafted for about 30 minutes right next to him.  That was amazing!! He's got a ways to go before he will be comfortable in a crate; but it's pretty amazing how far he's come in a week.