Thursday, June 1, 2017


Scotty is doing wonderfully with his new family.  They are keeping his name too! 
He is wonderful.  We all love him.  No, we like the name Scotty.  We have no plans on changing it. He also gets to go to the vet practice where his parent so and hang out in the office, which is great!  

They say:  He is so active and happy.  I think we have kept him tired enough that he hasn't been interested in shoes or being destructive. He even has a life vest and has gone kayaking.   He is really good at fetch in the house.  He and the younger cat play so well.  They like to chase each other and they are clearly playing.  

I am so happy for the good life that Scotty has in front of him.  He is a lucky little dog!  

Millie (who was puppy Skye) is doing great.  She is 4 years old now and no longer a puppy!   All grown up.  She is a love bug and quite the snuggler.  She loves to be outside as much as possible and play in the outdoors.

I can't believe that little 2 lb puppy who wore an xs kitty collar is all grown up.  Love seeing her happy and loved!

And last but not least - Lola (formally Scully) and Teddy (Silas) - are doing great.  Getting to hang out; go on vacations and Lola got to be famous in her dad's shoe companies catalog.  It's great seeing two New Rattitude fosters get to be siblings to such a great family.   Though her mom says their new favorite game is tug of war - of squeeky toys, which is great, but hard on the ears!  

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