Sunday, June 25, 2017

Foster Update

Ah fostering withdrawls - but the good news is I got to see former foster Stallone (now called Chase) and see him happy and in his element.  He was adopted in February.  His transition to his new home was not smooth; but with the help of his great mom, New Rattitude's behavior modification team (Blair!) and a local training group (ACME) - within 4- 6 weeks; his fears were gone and he was back to the happy dog that I knew; and well bonded to his new family.   While I wish he went to his new home more smoothy; I so appreciate the dedication his mom had to helping him and the sage advice of Blair and the local training people. 

We met them at the dog park where he happily greeted us - especially Cassie who he seemed to remember and then played very well with the other dogs that were there.  He checked in often with his mom and let me pet him each time.  He really was having a good time and I hope to see him again!

Google (where I keep my foster dog pictures) made me this sweet little dog video that is of all my foster dogs - no Sasha for some reason; but Skeeter makes an appearance.  It was fun to watch - see it here - Google Dog Video

And a quick update from Pippa (formerly Selma) who is just as cute as ever demanding her belly rubs which you know she gets lot of!

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