Sunday, June 25, 2017

Foster Update

Ah fostering withdrawls - but the good news is I got to see former foster Stallone (now called Chase) and see him happy and in his element.  He was adopted in February.  His transition to his new home was not smooth; but with the help of his great mom, New Rattitude's behavior modification team (Blair!) and a local training group (ACME) - within 4- 6 weeks; his fears were gone and he was back to the happy dog that I knew; and well bonded to his new family.   While I wish he went to his new home more smoothy; I so appreciate the dedication his mom had to helping him and the sage advice of Blair and the local training people. 

We met them at the dog park where he happily greeted us - especially Cassie who he seemed to remember and then played very well with the other dogs that were there.  He checked in often with his mom and let me pet him each time.  He really was having a good time and I hope to see him again!

Google (where I keep my foster dog pictures) made me this sweet little dog video that is of all my foster dogs - no Sasha for some reason; but Skeeter makes an appearance.  It was fun to watch - see it here - Google Dog Video

And a quick update from Pippa (formerly Selma) who is just as cute as ever demanding her belly rubs which you know she gets lot of!

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Fostering Life

So I will be taking an extended break from fostering for New Rattitude.  I will still stay active in New Rattitude and will always be on the look out for updates of any and all my foster pups - I will not be taking on any new fosters for awhile.

The reason is cause of these two sweet little kitties - George and Pinkie; they are siblings and 16 years old.  They were my dad's cats and he passed away last month.  I'm happy to have them and am working on acclimating them to their new home... It's scary to them and they have not be exposed to dogs before - so we are doing a slow transition to the full house and the crew  They are a hoot though. They stay in my work office and George demands pets and drools while you pet him (and we incidentally found that he also loves to be vacuumed!).  Pinkie is the shyer of the two - she hides a lot but we have been getting short visits from her and she lets us hold her.  She has a bit of sneer due to missing a canine.    And we micro chipped them too since George likes to go outside from time to time and we want to build up to short visits outside like he was use to if possible for George especially who likes to go outside for daily walk abouts.
How I ended up with 5 animals probably isn't surprising to anyone; but I am surprised that the cats outnumber the dogs!  That's not how I thought it would go.  I am now a senior animal home with Skeeter coming in at the youngest at 11 years.

Sarah is doing good, at 18; she's still fighting her kidney disease but has rebounded from being sick like she was in December.  She gets weekly sub-q fluids at home and that has seemed to slow down the progression and she is comfortable and happy.   

 Sasha at 14 isn't sure about these new cats she's having to deal with.  She likes to bark at them at first; but now she's not and she gets that they live here now.   We are working on getting her and Pinkie/George used to each other in small increments.

And Skeeter is just happy to be sleeping back on my work desk after being booted for a week. George and Pinkie are currently staying in my office for the most part and for the first week they were here; I kept her out while they acclimated a bit.   She doesn't care about the cats; but she would like to test taste their food!  They don't seem to mind her either; though I think they don't know quite what to make of her either.

so I will still pop up from time to time and one day come back to fostering - I really love it so much - I love meeting and getting know to know all my foster dogs and their personalities.  They've taught me a lot and in a variety of ways.  But for now; these five will get to settled into this new pack and routine which so far has been off to a very good start.

Much love  :)

Thursday, June 1, 2017


Scotty is doing wonderfully with his new family.  They are keeping his name too! 
He is wonderful.  We all love him.  No, we like the name Scotty.  We have no plans on changing it. He also gets to go to the vet practice where his parent so and hang out in the office, which is great!  

They say:  He is so active and happy.  I think we have kept him tired enough that he hasn't been interested in shoes or being destructive. He even has a life vest and has gone kayaking.   He is really good at fetch in the house.  He and the younger cat play so well.  They like to chase each other and they are clearly playing.  

I am so happy for the good life that Scotty has in front of him.  He is a lucky little dog!  

Millie (who was puppy Skye) is doing great.  She is 4 years old now and no longer a puppy!   All grown up.  She is a love bug and quite the snuggler.  She loves to be outside as much as possible and play in the outdoors.

I can't believe that little 2 lb puppy who wore an xs kitty collar is all grown up.  Love seeing her happy and loved!

And last but not least - Lola (formally Scully) and Teddy (Silas) - are doing great.  Getting to hang out; go on vacations and Lola got to be famous in her dad's shoe companies catalog.  It's great seeing two New Rattitude fosters get to be siblings to such a great family.   Though her mom says their new favorite game is tug of war - of squeeky toys, which is great, but hard on the ears!