Tuesday, May 9, 2017

The Life of Scotty

Scotty was not impressed with us havinng him wear a hat.. He figured it would be better to just take a nap and hope it was over when he woke... He was cute though.  But he's not really a hat kind of dude.

He continues to do well... Very much housetrained with the doggie door and the help of my dogs who have the schedule down pat.  He is super good with my cranky girls - neither of them care for the puppy antics, but he keeps trying to get them to play with him and they tolerate his sillyness pretty well.  He also mimics them; if Sasha is out eating some grass; he'll join her... Skeeter barking at an unknown enemy; he will go and check it out - trying to figure out the fuss. 

 He also loves Cassie and very much misses her when she leaves... He's figured out how to jump up on the ledge to watch her car leave... Sad; but cute.. He kind of is a perfect fit!

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