Friday, April 7, 2017

Pet Store visit

Time for a ride to the pet store!  He does well in the car, strapped in.  He got a little car sick on his transport, but he seems to go okay for short trips.  He doens't look outside, but just sticks to his bed for the trip.
 We, of course, had to try on these cute new super hero outfits they have... Turns out he's not a fan of the the BatMan, but looked like he owns the superman outfit!   so freakin' cute!!

 Here he is making some new friends.  He wasn't at all nervous in the store, didn't mind checking things out, and wanted to very much meet each person he saw with his wiggle butt walk.  He was very cute and engaging.  Quite smitten with these kids below that we ran into a few times and let them give him some treats. 

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