Monday, April 10, 2017

Kong Time!

Gave the pups all a frozen kong with pumpkin and some wet dog food.  Heaven!  They all ran off to separate parts of the yard to get down to business.  Scotty preferred the cement and the shade. 

He has been doing really great here.. He's got the doggie door down pat and I would say housestrained - he still is crated when we leave since he is a puppy and will get into things when he gets bored; pretty normal stuff.    He's a super snuggler and is reallly in the phase of sleep hard,, then play hard and around and around we go. 

 Skeeeter took the most interesting spot and pose for her bully stick.  Was kind of driving me crazy that she was eating it on the bark but she does what she wants to do! :)

Sasha enjoyed hers on the grass in the sunshine.  She was a happy camper. 

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