Sunday, February 26, 2017


Pippa, adopted 2 years ago is turning 3.. She still loves her toys, but also doesn't mind playing with a foot from time to time!  It's nice to see her all grown up into full doghood :)

Simon, Simon, Simon... his mom posts him on intragraam from time to time so I get to keep up on his adorableness.  Adopted last year, he of course chooses a big ol' ice cube to play with... but he's so cute doing it!  I so enjoy seeing his continued goofiness that we came to know and love

Skipper (in the middle) doing fantastic with lil, but older sister on the right, Fifi and new baby fur sibling on the left!  I think he will always have a puppy face to me.

And last, but not least - I have heard from Stallone's new mom and he is quickly making himself at home... .His mom changed his name to Chase (which was his name on his previous paperwork) and is already walking so much better on his leash.  I look forward to hearing about him.. (and maybe a picture of two!)

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