Thursday, February 16, 2017

More snow????

So much snow here this year in Yakima... It's been tough on sunny California pup Stallone... And when it's not snowing, it's either freezing into ice or freezing rain... i can always tell when he NEEDS to go out; but doesn't quite want to leave the warm house... Can't say I blame him too much; but he's getting that that is what we want him to do. And he's getting pretty fast at it so he can run back inside ASAP for treats and fuzzy blankets :)

The snow has ice on it; so it makes it hard on the pups to walk on; Skeeter doesn't even try; but Stallone likes to do his business at the end of yard so out he goes.  I too will be glad when all this snow is gone. 
 A trip to the big pet store... so many things to sniff... he could have spent hours in there... He likes meeting new people and hearing how handsome he is.. He did get a little nervous and shy when 3 little girls together wanted to pet him; but one on one; he's totally relaxed.. he just needs practice!

Almost lost him; not sure what was so fascinating back there; but he was into it. 

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