Sunday, February 19, 2017

Getting some fresh air!

While I was on the phone, Stallone came and gave me this look.... I knew it was time to get off the phone and get this fellow out for a walk! 
Decided to take all the dogs.. We first tried going to the canyon for a walk, but there was still so much soft snow, Skeeter immediately hated it and I could tell it just wouldn't be any fun (except for maybe Stallone who just wanted to go sniff and pee) so we went to Randall park instead...

Still some snow and slush, but not all and it was much easy to walk on!  Plenty to see and sniff and geesh.. all three pees and marked like maniacs (lots of dog smells I'm sure).. it was pretty empty of people and dogs so they all just go to take their time.. It was a very nice walk

 Best part.. .3 tired doggies when we got home... So tired; they didn't even bug me for dinner at dinner time preferring to stay snoozing.. until of course I got up and then they were wide awake!

 Stallone does like to bird watch and with the window open, he gets much more interested since he can hear things going on out there...

And just a cute picture of Stallone and Skeeter being the angels that they are... I can almost see the halos!  :)  

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