Monday, February 13, 2017

Gettin' to know Stallone

Stallone has quickly figured out the routine of his new household... He can nap anywhere and while he enjoys getting out for walks, is comfortable just lazing about (especially in this cold weather).  He does get a bit naughty if he feels like he's not getting enough attention or needs to burn off some steam, but mostly just takes it out on toys by destuffing them and chewing the squeakers. 

He also will lay his head on you and look at you when he doesn't get what he wants, if that doesn't work, he will flop himself on the ground with a heavy sigh... We see this happen when he doesn't get a treat when he thinks he should!  Speaking of, housetraining is going very well and while still not a fan of the cold and the snow out there... he is going out there for potty breaks... It's mostly in the mornings when I have to REALLY convince him that he needs to go outside for a bit :)

He's good with the other dogs, and still pesters Sasha occasionally to see if she will play with him... He really does enjoy playing with dogs his own size.  Bigger dogs, not so much.  If there is only one he will, but more and he's too nervous. 

This is after a nice hike and short visit to the dog park - he was a tired boy!  He was out for the count for a couple of hours!

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