Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Gettin' Along...

Took Stallone to our local pet store - he did very well and quite enjoyed checking out and sniffing everything he could.  No marking impulses though he did want to sample some treats.  He was a super good guest. 

 He has learned to go out the doggie door, but man, he doesn't like it out there and still takes some convincing to go out there... and of course, we have more snow on the forecast.  This sweet little boy, does enjoy his naps and does try to cuddle with Skeeter or at least gets as close to her as she will allow. 

He's pretty easy going, likes to play, with dogs, people, toys.  He helps himself to the toy box when he gets bored - taking out as many toys as possible and spreading them around the living room.  He can be a bit mouthy with you, so we are working on that with redirection.  He also sits and waits patiently for his food.  

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