Thursday, January 26, 2017


Teddy and Lola (Silas and Scully), best buds and doing great... Lola got to be famous by appearing in a shoe catalog with her mom!  Way to go!!!

Rue (Sylvia) who has come so far since being adopted... letting go of her fears and learning to trust... She also doesn't mind hanging out with the cat to get some neighborhood peepin' in! 

And there is Summer and Sandy - Summer jumped in the lake this past summer to get a swim in (who knew!)

 And while I think they are adorable in their sweaters, Sandy is not too much of a fan.  They are good playmates with each other and just seem to be peas in a pod!

 And here is Baxter (Mulder) with his new human baby brother...  awwwww

 And lovely Pippa () - She also got to visit Haystack Rock at Cannon Beach just like we did.  She's turning 3 soon too!

And a special shout out to our 17 year old cat Sarah.. while not a fan of all the rat terriers I've fostered, especially the ones that managed to sneak and eat her food... She has shown a lot of patience with the revolving rat terriers that we have introduced her too (which she basically hisses at if they get too close and basically acts like they don't exist)... She's battling early stage kidney disease and just got out of the vet for a 3 day stay of rehydration.  We are hopeful that we can slow this disease down and keep her healthy! 

I love getting updates, please forgive if I missed getting it on the blog!!!

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