Sunday, October 9, 2016


Baxter, (formally Mulder) got to finally welcome baby Max to the family... Sleepy dad, says all is going well with the new baby Max... they are interested in the baby, some licks and checking out to see if there is any food... They are making sure they get attention and baby-free time time too.  They look like a happy family to me! 

ah.. Simon... I grabbed these pictures off of instagram... the post on the picture below was "These two are exhausted after a day of ripping up toilet paper and tearing down anything hanging from the wall that is less than 4 ft from the ground."  Sounds like they are partners in crime!  They sure try to look innocent don't they? 

Then, they got to experience some rainy camping days, which maybe wasn't so fun, but they got to cuddle lots.  They look like such a fun pair to me - I'm happy they have each other...

 And some pictures of Sparrow!  All recovered from her dislocated toe injury and ready to rumble.   It's fun to watch her grow up. 

Lola (former foster Scully, ) and new sister to Silas (now Teddy).. got to be in a photoshoot for her dad's shoe catalog... I think her and her mom look great!  Lola and Teddy are doing great together.

It's weird to not have any foster dogs these past couple weeks and sometimes I feel like I'm missing a dog...but I don't think Sasha and Skeeter are missing it so much and are enjoying the mellower pace (aka, lots of naps!). 

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