Monday, October 17, 2016

Sasha and Skeeter do the Ocean!

We hit the road for a little mini vacation to the coast...  While it was a stormy weekend, it started out well as it was bright and shiny on our brief stop at the Maryhill State Park...

 Just an overnight stay in Portland; the dogs didn't get to see much here... Cassie and I did get some super yummy Bibimbap and some ice cream at the Salty Spoon!
 Here we were at Munson Creek Falls... it was just a short trail to the falls... but a tree fell down and we couldn't make it all the way.. but we got a nice view of the falls!  and while wet, the dogs enjoyed the new place for new sniffs and exploring...
 The real sightseeing was at Cannon Beach and we saw as much of the beach here and in Seaside as much as we could... Sasha loves the beach, couldn't get enough.. Skeeter not so much, though as long as she wasn't near the water, she was fine and happy...though she eventually figured out it was just part of what was happening and it wasn't so scary :) I did carry her a few times :)

 It was a crazy stay... it was pretty windy and raining the first day and then power went in the whole town around 9pm until the next morning.  (yah, we had a fireplace!). THEN, we were out in the town the next  morning and for about 1/2 hour- there was a tornado warning! (a tornado did touch down about 15 miles south of us)  But really, after that...the wind died down, rain would start up for just a bit and then stop,  and the sun came out... We took advantage for sure! 
 They were adorable in their matching raincoats!
  We also explored Astoria and got up to the Astoria column for some sightseeing... Needless to say, Sasha could have stayed for a lot longer... She loved the beach! 
 It's actually been a year this month when Skeeter came into my life as a foster dog so it was fun to celebrate in this way..She also turned 12 this month (I picked her day - October 3rd)... and Sasha turns 14 next month... so an early birthday celebration for her too! 
They had a busy 4 days for sure and I have some tired pups at home... (and in desperate need of a bath!) 

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