Sunday, October 2, 2016

Guess Who's Back!

So we are taking a break for the next few months from fostering, but i get to pup sit Skittles a couple times... He came last Saturday and then went home the following Saturday this time and it was so good to see him.  He's got the routine of the house down and Sasha knows him well so they get along fine.. While this wasn't the first time Skeeter had met him, it was the first time he was at our house since we adopted her..

 A visit to the dog park for Skittles... a little overwhelming to him.. .it was a busy day and a new park, though he enjoyed sniffing around... not so much enjoying being sniffed! 

This pic sums up how Skeeter felt about Skittles... While they got along fine, she was a little jealous of the attention that Skittles got.  Defiantly didn't not like him on her desk bed and it looks like he knew he wasn't welcome either!  He spend most of the time at my feet being warmed by a blanket and a foot warmer so he was a happy boy.
 We really enjoyed all the snuggles that Skittles had to give...
  Hugs and kisses  for Cassie after she came home from work... We loved having Skittles for the week and we'll get him again at the end of the month for a slightly longer stay...
 So until the next visit from Skittles, it'll just be Sasha and Skeeter resting up.. plus we have a trip to the beach planned where we are taking them in just a few weeks which should be a lot of fun for them (and us too!). 

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