Saturday, September 3, 2016

Visiting Yakima

I took Summer out for a outing just by herself... She does need a little help getting in my car, but  loves going for car rides and just settles right into the dog bed.

First stop:  Pet store!  She was very nervous about entering through the automatic doors.  The nice cashier though helped coax her in (and I remembered to stay on the mat so the doors didn't close on her)... Once in, she enjoyed exploring all the sights and sounds and at the end of the visit, enjoyed some pets from the cashier... We bought treats and of course, she was very interested in those!

Next stop:  Dog park!  We took her once with Simon but it was a super busy day and all the big dogs who where nice to her, overwhelmed her, so I thought going a 4pm in the afternoon, the park would be pretty empty.. And is was... So we just did some walking about and I let her sniff about; she stuck pretty close to me... Later, a dog did come and greet here and she was fine with that but nothing more.  Towards the end of the visit, when two dogs came and were chasing tennis balls, she actually wandered out and gave short little runs.  I think she she wanted to join in on the chase!  It was a really positive visit for her!
Look at those cute little whiskers all over her muzzle... and I got a smile from her at the dog park!

Last stop:  Puppachino time!  She was napping by this time, but when the whipped cream treat came, she woke right up and scarfed that down.  I think it was a nice treat to the end of the day. 
 Such a serious girl sometimes, but just a little effort and you can see her relax and have herself a good time.  We will be doing this again!