Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Costume Time!

So I like to dress up my dogs... and when I saw pet halloween angel and devil wings with harness,  I knew I had to get them... Summer was so not impressed with this great idea of mine... Sasha and Skeeter are always great sports about it... 
 This expression below kills me!  It's likes WHY you making me wear this?  I think it's because the angel wouldn't fit her.  But how cute are Summer and Skeeter together>... These little wings came with and velcro to the harnesses too, cause I can always use extra harnesses!  We had Sasha in the devil wings for a bit, but she figured out fast that if she went under the coffee table, they would come off!  She's a smartie for sure and I didn't get any pictures.  But I think they are all pretty adorable.  

 Skeeter and Summer have been occasionally playing together.. I'm not sure it's as much playing as Skeeter just wanting to steal all the toys; but Summer enjoys it. ;)  
Cassie and I tried howling to see what Summer would do.. Turns out she will howl too!  She has such an interesting voice to her!  ----->Summer's voice - she's not much of a barker at all, but she does whine and yes, howl!  I wish it was longer but maybe another time

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