Friday, July 29, 2016

Simon Would Like to Wrestle All Day

How cute is he?  He loves toys; loves your hands too, but can be a little mouthy so we are redirecting with toys, which has been easy to do.  He's also working on sit.  He'll get it quickly cause he's smart and he loves treats! 

 He's found his favorite napping spot for the day - at my feet!  Though he is fun to cuddle with when he gets sleepy... He'll just rest against you when you hold him and let you snuggle him... Sleepy puppies are the best!

 He did fine after his surgery and was didn't miss a beat.. Immediatly came home and wanted to wrestle Silas of course.   So I took Silas to the dog park and let Simon get some crate rest. 

He was growly at the barista at Starbucks, but the guy was great; talking to Simon and letting him sniff the pupcup... That won him over... I'm sure a few more trips and he will be more than happy to see the Starbucks guy anytime! 

6th Annual Rattiefest
July 24, 2016

Rattiefest was great.. and even though we were late; Silas had himself a blast meeting all the dogs and Skeeter worked hard at making sure everyone was aware she was there and in charge of her surroundings.  I heard the phrases "she's a pistol and she's a spitfire" which is certainly true.  It sure was fun seeing all the previous foster dogs and their people!

 Isabel Herbruger, a 12 year old photographer came to the event and took pictures for us and got some awesome shots!  Many many thanks to her for helping us out and getting these photo's for New Rattitude!  We have a bunch of pictures here at Rattiefest 2016 if you want to take a look..

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